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Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action. This is a very formal way of looking at what we do, but it is spot on! Social Media content is not only there to look good — its there to attract new and existing customers while turning profits. For those that need to see marketing in the traditional sense of ROI, social media is very easy to analysis.

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Traditional marketing has been around so long that no one questions the ROI figures that miraculously are associated to a magazine or billboard advertisement. But how can they really measure if the reader or passerbyer actually buys the product? The powers of digital are a lot more transparent and less magic… we can measure almost everything when a tight system is in place.

You can truly see a ROI in black and white with monthly, daily or even hourly data from across your digital platform. By following these conversations and relationships between your brand and the customers, you not only get information on ROI but you get information on who they are and how they like to interact online.

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An invaluable resource when building brand loyalty. We all know being a mom is hard work, and with the little time they do have they are turning to the trusty internet to get up to date information fast. Moms are also looking for tip and advise to help make their day more productive. If moms are you target audience and in most cases they will be then you need to start talking to them online. Or even better, get them talking about your brand for you.

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Because women love to be social! With the above statistic, it is a fullstop need for all businesses to harnest the power of customer testimonials AND make sure they are seen, heared and shared. At Socialee Media, we encourage clients to gather as many testimonials in as many platforms as possible. Then we go a step further and turn these testimonials and reviews into visual content that can be shared across all platforms … expanding its reach! Check out our portfolio for examples of customer testimonials made for social media.

What if every person who bought one of your products, was a captive audience for every other product you sell? With retail shops many people, walk in, love the experience, buy products and leave … and you never get to know their name, status, behaviour, activities. They are possible brand loyalists that you miss to capture. With digital and social media, the opposite is true. Once they have liked or followed your page, signed up to your news feed, they more than likely will be a lifelong brand loyalist. Part of your tribe. Many agree that its easier, and more successful to sell to a existing customer, rather than work on acquiring new customers This applies to established companies only who have a healthy following.

With social media you have existing customers watching every step … take the opportunity to keep them interested, loyal and repeat customers. Social media can be a great platform to communicate to your existing clients, prompting them to share their love of the brand as much as you do.

Keeping an up to date and high-quality online presence is only half the battle, you need to encourage your customers to share, rate, and boost your product … because they are passionate about it.

Ask your existing followers to rate the service on Facebook, have your handles and hashtags visible in-store so people can share their purchase with their friends onsite, repost customer shoutouts to give them creds, run contests and campaigns that encourage shares or feedback. Show me so I can understand. Customer Journey Mapping Best Practices.

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